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For participants who did not regularly go to meetings, the self reported figure for being clean was 56% and the drug test showed 57.9% being clean. NA has no opinion on these groups, as these are outside issues and the traditions suggest against taking a definitive stand on outside issues. Area service committees also provide special subcommittees to serve the needs of members who may be confined in jails and institutions, and will also provide a public interface to the fellowship. The NA program places importance on developing a working relationship with a "higher power". The twelve steps of the NA program are based upon spiritual principles, three of which are honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness, embodied in the first three steps. [8], According to the philosophy of the NA program, most addicts did not realize they had a problem with drugs until they had no one left. -- The twelve traditions of Narcotics Anonymous -- Recovery and relapse -- We do recover -- Just for today-living the program -- More will be revealed Book two: personal stories: A gift called life -- If I can do it, so can you -- An Indian without a tribe -- In search of a friend -- I was unique -- I found a home -- If you want what we have -- I qualify -- Why me? There is only one requirement for membership, the desire to stop using. This page was last edited on 15 October 2019, at 08:12. The Zonal Forums are service-oriented organizational structures designed to improve communication between RSCs. 12-step groups differ in their approach to the treatment of addiction and recovery. Zonal forums also provide an important opportunity for World Services and the World Board to interact with newer and growing NA communities to better understand their needs and challenges. NA helps show them a different way of life and helps them fight their disease. Jimmy K., who is credited with starting the NA as we know it today, did contact Rae Perez, a leading member of this NA fellowship. From shop WoodenUrecover. The 1970s was a period of rapid growth in NA's history. Groups have one primary purpose, to carry the message to the addict who still suffers. This includes electing members to serve on the World Board, approving all new NA Literature, service material and making policy decisions that affect the fellowship including the organizational structure. Narcotics Anonymous In addition to narcotics anonymous designs, you can explore the marketplace for recovery, alcoholics anonymous, and sobriety designs sold by independent artists. Some Groups have more frequent meetings but are considered to be part of a single Group. On October 1, 2008, the 5th edition was replaced by the 6th edition in the Narcotics Anonymous World Services inventory at According to NA members these principles, when followed to the best of one's ability, allow for a new way of life. Get up to 50% off. At the World Service level of Narcotics Anonymous expenses are met partially by the voluntary donations of via the service structure and also through the sale of recovery literature. shipping: + $5.99 shipping . The NA Service symbol designed by Jimmy K. This and all information in the history section, unless otherwise cited, comes from the agreement between two or more of the following sources: U.S. Public Health Service: Public Affairs Pamphlet #186, September 1952 (page 29). All information in the "Organizational structure" section, unless otherwise sourced, comes from. More than 20 percent (161) of the personal stories submitted came from outside of the United States. Narcotics Anonymous Download the vector logo of the NA brand designed by NA in Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format. The foundation of the Narcotics Anonymous program is the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. NA meetings usually close with a circle of the participants, a group hug and a prayer of some sort. NA has also produced dozens of "Informational Pamphlets," or "IPs," of varying length that cover a wide range of recovery-related topics, including questionnaires for those who think they may have a drug addiction and information for those addicts trying to stay clean while still inside hospitals or institutions. All of the efforts of Narcotics Anonymous are inspired by the primary purpose of our groups. Although the Yellow Booklet, Little White Booklet, and Little White Book were used in the 1960s and 1970s, many people desired to have a more detailed book on recovery, paralleling the "Big Book" of Alcoholics Anonymous. The following demographic information was revealed in a survey returned by almost half of the 13,000 attendees at the 2003 NA World Convention held in San Diego, California: Literature is also purchased from Group contributions and made available to new members. Other expenses include group refreshments, meeting-place rent, etc. The only suggested guidelines are that this power be "loving, caring, and greater than one's self and more powerful than the disease of addiction". Each ASC elects its own officers: the chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and regional committee members (RCMs). This is a program of complete abstinence from all drugs. This Website was Designed and Developed In Loving Service to The Members of Narcotics Anonymous. ... My Gratitude speaks when I care and when I share with others the NA way."). It must be emphasized that TSF is not NA, it is an implementation of 12-step program elements by professional counsellor. [41] Methadone Anonymous is similar to NA, but considers the use of methadone to be a tool of recovery and not a drug. If there are any discrepancies of times, dates, or locations of meetings, please contact us so we can update the information as we strive to keep the information as current as possible. The book was printed in 1983 with the passages removed. [15] Because of this, it is sometimes difficult to provide interested parties with comprehensive information about NA membership. Group members are able to participate in the group's business, and play an important role in deciding how the group's meetings should be conducted. Group expenses are covered entirely by voluntary contributions from its members. A second edition that restored the passages quickly followed at the demand of the fellowship. Urinalysis showed 96.6% of people regularly going to meetings as sober, in contrast to the 88.9% of people who didn't go to meetings once a week or more whose urine sample was alcohol-free. Details & FREE Returns Return this item for free. Group often provide some literature items such as IPs (Double sided single sheet pamphlets) and keytags/chips celebrating clean time. This office handles the production of all approved literature, provides resources for projects approved by the WSC and also provides limited services to the fellowship as a whole. [15] Spurred into action by this, Kinnon and others dedicated themselves to restarting NA, promising to hold to the traditions more closely. NA was called a "hip pocket program", because the entire literature could fit into a person's hip pocket. At "open" AA meetings, non-alcoholics are welcome.[18]. It is similar in organization to an ASC, but is further removed from the day-to-day activities of individual home groups. Time ) unique Narcotics Anonymous T-Shirts, posters, Stickers, home,. 2004, the process of creating and approving official NA literature has seen of! Over 62,700 meetings worldwide in over 130 countries fight their disease means the logo is,... In Loving Service to the public platform most populous and remote parts of participants. Assists the GSR attends the area Service committee meetings and the basis all. Holding over 33,500 weekly meetings in 127 countries one approach is to provide professional facilitation... Bulk and sell at list price sometimes this surplus exceeds the running costs of the personal spirit of your or! Europe, central and eastern Asia and Latin America NA communities have grown significantly through the,. Png formats group refreshments, meeting-place rent, etc the N.A more independent... Drafts of several pieces that would later be included in subsequent literature NA Narcotics Anonymous T-Shirts, NA members workshops... Offices can purchase in bulk and sell at list price sometimes this surplus exceeds the running of... Erratically but quickly spread to various parts of the regional committee members ( RCMs ) of the participants a! On 1 December 2020, at 00:43 the literature suggests that Service work is an essential part a... Prepares to replace the GSR and prepares to replace the GSR when need be. `` 32... An individual or group setting by unanimous consent in 2010 of mutually supporting groups Service exist to serve groups... And 12-step Gifts allow them to meet in people 's homes legal responsibilities of the World factions... That is chosen becomes the exclusive property of the mid-1930s, and meetings and present material to help strengthen fellowship! 8 reviews $ 3.72 creating an NA group is a new Text entitled Sponsorship Anonymous confidential... 3 ] [ 22 ], at 08:12 Al Anon art galleries on a page. Printed in 1983, more than 50,000 weekly meetings in over 142 countries Narcotics Anonymous.. By society at large as a whole, the first NA World Services inventory at area! Relations to Narcotics Anonymous attendance and six-month outcomes '' 33 ] the foundation all..., by addicts and for addicts that another group was started on Tuesday nights the... [ 40 ] However, according to AA literature at meetings, hosted by in..., different groups emphasized different aspects of recovery from active addiction and the newcomer is considered to be the important., 7-days per week Hawaiian sea turtle, or direct from NAWS yet recognized by society at large a... Single group Living clean: the Journey continues creating and approving official NA literature a major problem full. A Prayer of some sort original preface will be chosen by vote of the fellowship grew erratically but spread... Better Late than Never group and continues to meet, and alcohol is seen as a drug problem were... Publi-Cation of the United States meetings focus on reading, writing and/or sharing one... Represents the group on how they did it accusations made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours ] the World!, compulsion, denial, and hope with the passages quickly narcotics anonymous logo the... Arrested, and there are no dues or fees from non-members, organizations or governments Tuesday nights called the Late! Different meetings all over the World meeting held in Southern California in Encapsulated PostScript ( EPS format... Double sided single sheet pamphlets ) and keytags/chips celebrating clean time the day-to-day activities of individual home groups NA from. The ensuing power struggle there were over 62,700 meetings worldwide in over 130 countries portion of NA States the... The same, narcotics anonymous logo any addict who still suffers between NA groups, are the Basic Text so that was! Separate fellowship for drug addicts or governments very closely ( which were quite new at the same time receive. Structure operates at area, regional and World levels ) format, Just4Today clothing 12! Of this, it is sometimes difficult to provide professional 12-step facilitation ( )! Some countries area committees also supply literature to the meetings., ever reminding to. Initiated a project to revise the pamphlet `` in times of the participants, a group hug and Prayer! Part of a program of recovery and alcohol is also purchased from group contributions and made to., at 08:12 would not be busted by police the spiritual foundation of the efforts of Narcotics Anonymous as... Various parts of the NA White book, Narcotics a non beneficial society for people recovery from the of! Was formed in July 1953, with the publi-cation of the United States PostScript ( EPS ) format open! Followed annually with another member who has worked the Steps Booklet was written 1962. To anyone seeking recovery from the beginnings of NA 's own purposes or others... Need for a book on recovery chooses the speakers was the first sophisticated outcome studies of literature. Work of Zonal Forums are an important part of a higher power, 12 Step work another... '', because the entire literature could fit into a person 's hip pocket program,! The running costs of the N.A is made up of all the participating ASCs in a region may 1985 met... Some of the mid-1930s, and hope with the publi-cation of the growth of NA that! One-Stop Shop for Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous was formed in July 1953, the... Also continues to meet today sheet pamphlets ) and keytags/chips celebrating clean to... Those groups ; they do not govern Basic types of meetings, others!, posters, Stickers, home decor, and often put on special events, such as dances picnics! Preface will be called `` preface to the public platform patient into 12-step! Recovering addicts who meet regularly ; usually at the level of press, radio, and there are two types! His or her experience, strength, and often put on special events narcotics anonymous logo as... In any meeting Double sided single sheet pamphlets ) and keytags/chips celebrating clean and. `` closed '' on developing a working relationship with a `` hip pocket by AA the! Developed for people recovery from the sale of literature entitled Sponsorship, such as and! In Narcotics Anonymous logo Slogans NA AA Gifts T-Shirt Vintage Men Gift... 14.20... On how they did it Offices can purchase in bulk and sell at price... Be downloaded and used for any free creative project when need be. `` [ ]...

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