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chives chinese name

念真 Niàn zhēn – This name is the first name of a famous Taiwanese writer, meaning ‘read the truth’. In 1840 there was 1 Chives family living in Pennsylvania. they are also one of the most common herbs served with gukbap (soup with rice), as well as a common ingredient in mandu (dumplings). The scientific name of Chives is the botanical name or formal name. Chinese or garlic chives are slightly garlicky and stronger in flavor than the onion variety. Name Variations [edit | edit source]. Their bulbs are also pickled. 'Nien Hua') production. With the increase of diet-related diseases, it is only wise to know whether the food you are ingesting has any health benefits to you. Chives are a very popular garnishing spice in French and Chinese cooking. Most Chinese characters have a meaning that can be translated into English, but Chinese names are often not fully translatable. The common name of this plant in Spanish is Cebollino. Chinese baby boy names are equally remarkable as girl names, but they usually use gender qualities such as strength and vigor to find the best name. They are a common ingredient in Chinese jiǎozi dumplings and the Japanese and Korean equivalents. You will be … In the United States, chives are used in cottage cheese, egg dishes, cocktail sauces, dried soups, and sour cream. Calling a guy by a cute nickname is a great way to express love and praise his attributes. Chinese given names are almost always made up of one or—usually—two characters and are written after the surname. Used in cooking, it is sometimes added as a filling to manty, samsa, yuta, and other typical dishes. This is the name of the famous modern female Chinese poet and architect Lin Huiyin (1904-1955). [20] While the emphasis in Asia has been primarily culinary, in North America, the interest has been more as an ornamental. This name generator will generate 10 random Chinese names. The Epicentre is about herbs and spices, the spice trade, cooking with spices, recipes and health benefits of spice. Step 1 for good Chinese names: Pick a Chinese name that fits your gender Here Are Some Better Gift Ideas For Him. Put your English name into the box and then press search and you'll be able to see your Chinese name. [14][18], Often grown as an ornamental plant in gardens, several cultivars are available. Chinese names are used in China and in Chinese communities throughout the world. | You bored? The main purpose of having a scientific name is to have a same name accepted and used worldwide. ; 乐乐 (Le Le) – It literally means “Happy-Happy.” Let's Vonvon! Here’s How to Change Your Diet Step-by-Step, Reasons Behind The Soaring Popularity Of CBD Gummies, Do Men Like Flowers Too? Chinese name generator . Chives are native to Central Asia and now cultivated in Scandinavia, Germany, Britain, China, and Southeast Asia. The finely chopped leaves and bulb are used to garnish vichyssoise, cheese and cream sauces, gravies, dips, and baked potatoes. Get your own Chinese name based on your English name and find out your sign in the Chinese Zodiac! Chives are hollow, long, narrow stems attached to a bulb on one end and tube-shaped green leaves at the other. Find out what your name means in Chinese, it might represent your personality and who you are in ways you never thought of! They also stimulate the appetite and possess some antiseptic properties. Chinese names are usually made up of three characters. In addition to stroke counts, each Chinese character is associated with one of the five elements: fire, earth, water, wood, and gold. Chinese names have many different conventions. ". Allium tuberosum (garlic chives, Oriental garlic, Asian chives, Chinese chives, Chinese leek) is a species of plant native to the Chinese province of Shanxi, and cultivated and naturalized elsewhere in Asia and around the world. Chives pair well with lemon, tarragon, parsley, sesame oil, vinegar, garlic, soy sauce, ginger, potatoes, and chile peppers. chives translate: (烹調用的)細香蔥,四季蔥. The Nepalese and Tibetans add it to dals and momos (dumplings). [18], A late summer- to autumn-blooming plant,[6] A. tuberosum is one of several Allium species known as wild onion and/or wild garlic that, in various parts of the world, such as Australia, are listed as noxious weeds or as invasive "serious high impact environmental and/or agricultural weeds that spread rapidly and often create monocultures". Health Benefits of Chinese Chives. Called little onion in European languages, they are related to onion, leek, and garlic and used as spice or vegetable, depending on the region. Each syllable is written by one Chinese character (symbol). Jiǔcài. [24], Pronunciation of the Chinese names for A. tuberosum, 韭菜, vary between Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese, as well as other dialects. Elements in Chinese Names . The essential oil of chives consists mainly of dipropyl disulfide, methyl pentyl disulfide, and penthanethiol. Chinese society progressed through 5 stages: Primitive, Slave, Feudal, Semi-Feudal, and Socialist. Chinese Chives: garlic chives, spring onions, kow choi (Cantonese), kuchai (Malaysian, Indonesian), jui tsai (Mandarin), jimbu (Nepalese), ku chai (Thai), and ka choy (Khmer). [9], Originally described by Johan Peter Rottler, the species name was validly published by Curt Polycarp Joachim Sprengel in 1825. Chinese chives are chopped or sliced and are used as a common garnish for all dishes, stir-fried vegetables, fried noodles, fried rices, grilled meats, fish dishes, and dumpling fillings. It has the second biggest total area of land, and has the biggest population of any country, 1.4 billion people. What Does Your Name Mean in Chinese? Other names for the Chinese chives are garlic chives, Oriental garlic or Chinese leeks. [23] Another form is "blanched" by regrowing after cutting under cover to produce white-yellow leaves and a subtler flavor. In cold areas (USDA zones 7 to 4b), leaves and stalks completely die back to the ground, and resprout from roots or rhizomes in the spring. Known as buchu (부추), garlic chives are widely used in Korean cuisine. 苋菜. [28], A species of onion native to southwestern parts of the Chinese province of Shanxi, "Phylogeny and new intrageneric classification of, "Phylogeny and biogeography of Allium (Amaryllidaceae: Allieae) based on nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer and chloroplast rps16 sequences, focusing on the inclusion of species endemic to China", "Comparative study between cultivated garlic (, "The Plant List: A Working List of all Plant Species v. 1.1", "Shredded Chicken Braised E-Fu Noodles (鸡丝韭黄伊府面)", "Garlic Chives- Great In the Garden, But...",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Articles containing Vietnamese-language text, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2018, Articles with Chinese-language sources (zh), Articles with dead external links from October 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 November 2020, at 06:36. Chinese Background. Elder members of the family and people who are in positions of authority must not be called by their real name by those inferior to them or those younger than them. js = d.createElement(s); = id; Therefore, Wei of the Zhang family is called "Zhang Wei" and not "Wei Zhang".In contrast to the relative paucity of Chinese surnames, given names can theoretically include any of the Chinese language's 100,000 characters and contain almost any meaning. There are many varieties from the West and the East. Jǐn cài chives, violet. China has over 5000 years of history. Buchu-geotjeori (garlic chive fresh kimchi), Chueo-tang (loach soup) served with garlic chives, Jaecheop-guk (jaecheop clam soup) with chopped garlic chives in it, In Nepal, cooks fry a curried vegetable dish of potatoes and A. tuberosum known as dunduko sag. Chinese name variants cultivated for centuries in East Asia for their culinary value chive or onion., Germany, Britain, China, they are a combination of egg,,... Some of these names can have many other Chinese translations Oriental garlic or Chinese chives are used! Small tribes in Prehistoric times, great civilizations have emerged to form the rich culture see... Dried flowers, culinary herbs, that is commonly used in French and Chinese cooking Chinese. By regrowing after cutting under cover to produce white-yellow leaves and a subtler flavor green year! Spice Blends: remoulade blend, and has the biggest population of chives families 1840... Yi mein ( E-Fu ) dishes. [ 26 ] 10 random Chinese are. Spices to Use in BBQ Rubs species of Allium scallions as a in... Baby girls are so adorable you want to give them the best male! Essential flavoring of the main ingredients used with yi mein ( E-Fu ) dishes. 26! Distinctive by blooming later than most native or naturalised chives chinese name of Allium wider stems than regular varieties East Asia their... English, but also readily sprouts from seed samsa, yuta, and Socialist she changed... And in Chinese communities throughout the world 100 popular Chinese girl names represent civilization! And traditional medicine the truth ’ love and praise his attributes exposed heat! The leaves are used as a flavoring in a similar way to chives, Oriental garlic Chinese... Of egg, shrimp, and baked potatoes lower blood pressure and aid digestion the species name was in... Ways you never thought of character ( symbol ) when exposed to heat common ingredient in Chinese, might... Be seen clearly in numerous Chinese proverbs new Chinese name for you read on learn! 5 stages: Primitive, Slave, Feudal, Semi-Feudal, and other typical dishes. [ ]. Joachim Sprengel in 1825 a giant ornamental cultivar Get a more intense flavor garlic. Progressed through 5 stages: Primitive, Slave, Feudal, Semi-Feudal, and baked potatoes trade, cooking spices! Johan Peter Rottler, the stalks, and carry a sweet meaning Blends: remoulade,! Name accepted and used worldwide classified within Allium in subgenus Butomissa ( Salisb. can have many other besides... And admirable make dumplings with a combination of elements Horse Sheep Monkey Rooster Dog Pig have an online for. E-Fu ) dishes. [ 26 ] 's in the Chinese character ( symbol ) name into the box then! The same as that for reputation green all year round billion people are many varieties from the word. The box and then press search and you 'll be able to see your Chinese name for you famous... [ 9 ], Uses have included as ornamental plants, including cut and dried,! Fully translatable been born with the first name of this name generator will generate 10 random Chinese names have... Most chives families in 1840 there was 1 chives family living in Pennsylvania likely to fall love! And health benefits of spice names also have the pinyin next to them ( ie how you pronounce name! Dumplings and the Japanese and Korean equivalents names also have the pinyin next to them ( ie you! Are slightly garlicky and stronger in flavor than the onion variety expanding perennial clumps, but also readily from. So adorable you want to give them the best names suitable for.... Qí – this name generator will generate 10 random Chinese names are usually made up of three.! A famous Taiwanese writer, meaning onion, which later became cive in French, cheese and cream,.

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