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compere in a sentence

(Compare Chemistry: Organic.) The object is to compare the intensities of the incident and scattered light, for these will clearly be proportional. Just paste and compare. A good trick is to compare it to something with a known length that is near the snake. It occurs in two forms, 'IitFoves and` "IWVEs (compare Xaoves and X(.7.VEs in Epirus) - not counting the name '16vtos applied to the open sea west of Greece. ‘Unfortunately the compères struck a bad-tempered note at this otherwise congenial event.’ ‘Ultimately, however, it was the compère who mattered - who could they find who represented the indomitable spirit of Britain, the calm acceptance of the ever-present risk … Ipswich fan, adopted cockney and genial gagster Tony Cowards completes the line-up along with compere Danny McLoughlin. One may compare the modern society of total abstainers known as the "Rechabites.". Have you ever noticed how parents love to compare their children's developmental milestones? ; compare also laws affecting the poor in Deut. Compare the similar predictions against Edom, Isa. In this example, I compare and contrast two cities, New York and Los Angeles, in terms of climate, housing, population, and transportation. It is salutary to compare the attention paid to teaching BSL to deaf pupils with that paid to teaching English to hearing pupils. c. co. com. Learn more. Keep an eye on those weekly Sunday supplements and compare. It enables the observer to compare any division-interval on one half of either scale with any corresponding interval on the other scale. We may compare a partly parallel passage in � 37, where the agent is Michael, and notice that such legendary developments were equally popular among Jews and Christians. It's difficult to see compering in a sentence . Now that we have reconstructed in outline this early account of the Lord Jesus, so far as it has been used by both the later evangelists, we may attempt to compare the picture which it presents to us with that which was offered with by St Mark. We may compare the common use of the word ordo in profane writers, who refer, e.g., to the ordo senatorius, ordo equester, &c. It is true that the evidence of Tertullian does not carry us back farther than the close of the znd or opening of the 3rd century A.D. to that effect 1 Compare also the article on Anglican orders in the Catholic Encyclopedia, vol. ); compare with these the works on the history of philosophy by Ritter, Erdmann, Ueberweg and Zeller. I can't think of anything offline to compare it to. NISC welcomes your review and encourages you to search and compare results with other aquatic and marine resources. He couldn't help but compare the situation to Billy Langstrom's. Each outgrowth contains a prolongation of the archenteric cavity (compare figs. The doctrines of Hippocrates... were no doubt very widely accepted, but the practice of the Hippocratic school had been greatly improved in almost every department - surgery and obstetrics being probably those in which the Alexandrian practitioners could compare most favourably with those of modern times. The only one who at that time could compare with him was the gentle Bartolomeo de Caranza, also a Dominican and afterwards archbishop of Toledo. try its best to collect and create good sentences. 11 5, p. 329) the author refers to a glass instrument exhibited by himself many years before, and "consisting of a bubble furnished with a long and slender stem, which was to be put into several liquors, to compare and estimate their specific gravities.". If you're a new parent, the best way to use a growth chart is for the simple joy of watching your baby grow up, not to compare his development with that of your friends' babies. Compere definition: A compere is the person who introduces the people taking part in a radio or television... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples I've provided an example sentence or two alongside each adjective to show how it could be used in context. It is very common for parents of newborns to compare their baby's physical development with other infants that are close in age. They turned to each other in groups to compare notes and trade feverish speculations. Compare Browning, The Ring and the Book, x., The Pope, 1589-1603. Elmenhorst's statement, that Musanus and Didymus in an earlier age wrote treatises with the name De ecclesi asticis dogmatibus, seems a plain blunder, if we compare Jerome's Latin with Eusebius's Greek. Calf squeeze test Strength Compare active and resisted plantar flexion with the opposite side but remember this does not only test the triceps surae. Compare, for example, the blue-green Gloeocapsa with the green Gloeocystis, the red Batrachospermum with the green Draparnaldia, the red Corallina with the green Cymopolia, the green Enteromorpha with the brown Asperococcus, the green Ulva with the red Porphyra, the red Nemalion with the brown Castagnea, and so on. No Chinese writer has ever seriously undertaken to compare him with the philosophers and sages of other nations. browse the classifieds for properties abroad » CURRENCY CONVERTER Use the currency converter to compare foreign prices to your country's currency. Compare Movers, Phonizisches Alterthum, iii. What are synonyms for compère? And it is instructive to compare the foundation of all hi. The word " rhapsode " does not yet exist; we hear only of the singer " (aoc56s), who does not carry a wand or laurel-branch, but the lyre (40pyry), with which he accompanies his "song.". How do you use compère in a sentence? To compare the Palaearctic genera with those of the Australian and Neotropical regions would be simply a waste of time, for the points of resemblance are extremely few, and such as they are they lead to nothing. We then test for duration dependence in business and stock market cycles, and compare our results for business cycles with those of. Compare the case of a boy who learns to ride a bicycle. 31. 574618; Burckhardt, Die Zeit Constantin's des Grossen (1853); Chastel, Hist. Though there are local rivalries there is nothing in competitive division to compare with the northern and southern sections in America, and the British industry is, for its size, more homogeneous than most of the European industries. It is upon this principle that the hydrometer is constructed, and it obviously admits of two modes of application in the case of fluids: either we may compare the weights of floating bodies which are capable of displacing the same volume of different fluids, or we may compare the volumes of the different fluids which are displaced by the same weight. Results of the review three clinical end points used to compare treatment efficacy. Of course, the amount of food your baby eats will not compare to the amount of food you eat! In this point also Sumerian is in accord with all other agglutinative idioms. Synonym Discussion of compare. Appropriate statistical tests were made to compare the incidence of nosocomial pneumonia in the two groups. Hence the fallacy of those who, like Bosanquet, or like Paulsen in his Einleitung in die Philosophie, represent the realistic theory of inference as if it meant that knowledge starts from ideas and then infers that ideas are copies of things, and who then object, rightly enough, that we could not in that case compare the copy with the original, but only be able to infer from idea to idea. It is thus futile to compare the absolute voltages met with at two stations, unless allowance can be made for the influence of the environment. Harding, Contest over the Ratification of the Federal Constitution in Massachusetts (Harvard University Studies, New York, 1896); and on the Shays Rebellion compare J. If we compare together the spectra of the alkali metals, we find that the doublets of the branch series separate more and more as the wave-length increases. Compare Tertullian De jejuniis, c. 8: " Docuit etiam adversus diriora daemonia jejuniis praeliandum.". ' Use compere In A Sentence compere Definition. Again, if we compare the complete circle with a narrow annular aperture of the same radius, we see that in the latter case the first dark ring occurs at a much smaller obliquity, viz. xix. v. act as a master of ceremonies. The aim is to compare the efficacy, maternal satisfaction and midwife acceptability of the three models of care provision. Three things must be kept in mind when we compare feudal China with feudal Europe. Compare also the rule of the Twelve Tables, by which an animal which had inflicted mischief might be surrendered in lieu of compensation. darkroom photography that would compare to white balance. If, for instance, we compare the first and the last three I I-year cycles for which Table V. - The subsequent centuries show continuous decline, and in whatever branch we compare the work, we see that each dynasty was poorer than that which preceded it. Past Tense 2. 238 f., with which the English reader may compare R. Though Calcutta was called by Macaulay "the city of palaces," its modern public buildings cannot compare with those of Bombay. These verbs that take up different forms to indicate the time of an action, event or condition by changing its form are called as tenses. See more. From a literary point of view, indeed, it cannot compare with the dignified Hebrew narrative, but considering the misfortunes which have befallen the collection of Zoroastrian traditions now represented by the Bundahish (the Parsee Genesis) we cannot reasonably be surprised. Renewable Electricity Price Comparison This Energylinx calculator is unique in that they allow you to compare the prices of all energy suppliers. You can then divide the world into redheads and non-redheads and compare their accident records. The Compere and Commere sit in an opera box and watc Also compare Jastrow's Religion of Babylonia (1898), ch. Such adaptations are the transparency and colourlessness of the tissues, and the modifications of the foot, which still shows in Atlanta the form common in Pectin:branchia (compare fig. M: How do the filthy slobs of years past compare to the 2004 edition? It did prompt one well-known internet pollster to ask its panel to compare politicians with animals. Compare definition is - to represent as similar : liken. As a valuable compare rates and brick-and-limestone Italianate four-story worked as an. insurance auto california compare quot no pay tend to know. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese simplified Dictionary. You can also compare and review various clothes dryers online before heading out to the appliance store. The Internet can be a terrific asset when shopping for a wedding dress because you can compare prices and special offers quickly and easily. The compere will be Billy Butler. Compare also the judgment of Hilary and of Vincent of Lerins, Commonit., 24. Indeed, it does not seem to have occurred to any one to compare the muscular strength in the various kinds of paraplegia. All these poems, like the Elegiada of Luis Pereira Brandao on the disaster of Al Kasr, the Primeiro cerco de Diu of the chronicler Francisco de Andrade, and even the AfTonso Africano of Quevedo, for all its futile allegory, contain striking episodes and vigorous and well-coloured descriptive passages, but they cannot compare with The Lusiads in artistic value. The cultivation does not compare in neatness and thoroughness with that of China and Japan. You and I are compeer . Do you need help? Savvy brides-to-be know that using the internet to compare prices and styles of bridal dresses can lead to a real bargain. In their own traditions we are told that the Langobardi were originally called Winnili and dwelt in an island named Scadinavia (with this story compare that of the Gothic migration, see Goths). de Crousaz-Cretet, Le Duc de Richelieu en Russie et en France (1897), with which compare an article by L. On the relation of Neoplatonism to Christianity, and the historical importance of Neoplatonism generally, see the leading church histories, and the Histories of Dogma by Baur, Nitzsch, Harnack, &c. Compare also Loffler, Der Platonismus der Kirchenvater (1782); Huber, Die Philosophie der Kirchenvdter (1859); Tzchirner, Fall des Heidenthums (1829), pp. Thus compare Kiirenberg's lyric (Lachmann and Haupt, Des Minnesangs Friihling, 4th ed., F. He spun, surprised his pragmatic brother would compare an existence in Hell to one of luxury and freedom. There is little that can compare with the well preserved classicism of Ston Easton Park. If we compare air with water we find it is nearly 1000 times lighter. It is well to compare these results with those obtained from much larger areas but with lower mean rainfall. Ballentine will compere the show. The next few happy years were devoted to his profession and a good deal of miscellaneous reading, especially of Shakespeare (he learnt English in order to compare the original with his well-thumbed German version) and Homer. The first step to writing a character comparison is to determine two characters you want to compare. Compare the snake attributes of the Erinyes; see Harrison, 217 sqq.. Robertson, Pioneer Humanists (1907); P. Sakmann, Bernard de Mandeville and die Bienenfabel-Controverse (Freiburg i/Br., 1897), and compare articles Ethics, Shaftesbury, Hobbes. We will compare these stable points with traditional results from intonational phonology. At the end of the simulation phase the teams reunite to discuss and compare results. There are so many websites selling cloth diapers that simply doing some research to compare prices will lead you to some savings. With this one may compare the Phoenician myth (now in a late source) which ascribed the novelty of the use of skins to the hero Usoos (cf. In English grammar, verbs are often used in a way that it indicates or denotes the time when an event occurred. It can be tempting to compare your infant's development with others around you, or even older siblings. ? Compare the nucleotide-binding sites of these two proteins that may be very distantly related. But it will be said that Kant has proved that real truth, in the sense of the " agreement of knowledge with the object," is unattainable, because we could compare knowledge with the object only by knowing both. Let us compare them with another form of epistemic externalism, an externalist theory of perception. New pavilion Sub-committee A block built wooden clad pavilion will be costed to compare with the wooden option. Amazing Australian Deals Compare ripper flights, accommodation & car hire deals. It’s also slightly ambiguous, because it could be interpreted as stating that in 1990 the number of … Decide on the general size and features you want, then compare brands and retailers for the best deal on a dryer make and model that meets your needs. But where did the last collectors of the psalms find such very ancient pieces which had 1 Possibly under Simon; compare the other hallel (Ps. Let us now compare these data with the account given in the Homeric poems. Phenological and isozyme studies have been used to compare levels of genetic diversity and mating patterns within seed orchards and living fence lines. How to say compère in English? When we are trying to bring radiation into connexion with temperature, we must therefore take a sufficiently large group of molecules and compare their average energies with the average radiation. Neither of these passages would fit the prose romance, as we know it, but both might well suit the lost French source of the Lanzelet; where we are in a position to compare the German versions of French romances with their originals we find, as a rule, that the translators have followed their source faithfully. Compare Schultze, Zur Geschichte der Litteratur g iber das Decret Gratians (1870), Die Glosse zum Decret Gratians (1872), and Geschichte der Quellen and Litteratur des kanonischen Rechts (3 vols., Stuttgart, 1875). Before buying flatware, it is important to know its basic characteristics in order to effectively compare brands. The implication is that capitalism itself is one big swindle (compare Enron, Maxwell, etc. In 1879 it first occurred to him to compare the rock-monuments at Boghaz Keui (see Pteria) and Euyuk in N. z Compare the interesting résumé of the whole question in Boyd Dawkins's Early Man in Britain (London, 1880). interesting to compare the price achieved for these pewter items today compared to thirty years ago. Ask quick-fire questions to compare measurements: Jane 's hand span is 13 cm. The diagrams below compare the formation of normal gametes and those formed by non-disjunction. : Mr Smailes, a retired maintenance worker with a water company, had been the club's compere for about seven years, and … Present Tense 3. Readers of a later time, who could compare his work with the finished works of the Augustan age, would certainly disparage his art rather than his power. This, however, is part of the historical romance of Compare the branch of myrtle at an Athenian feast (Aristoph., Nub., 1364). At the same time the Jews of the Dispersion had to some extent shaken off the exclusiveness of their old political relations and were prepared to compare and contrast their old territorial theology with cosmopolitan culture. She was also a compere for Radio Pakistan at Mithi. Many consumers compare quotes for the total installation costs of carpet and accessories, including underlay and gripper, before making a decision. However this may be, it would always be possible, with the aid of a grating of given resolving power, to construct artificially from white light mixtures of slightly different wave-length whose resolution or otherwise would discriminate between powers inferior and superior to the given one.3 2 Compare also F. We may compare Tatian's view of the soul as a subtler variety of matter. Efforts are underway to compare the numerical predictions of the response of gravity key walls with those obtained for flexible key walls. However, this interpretation is incorrect (the asteroid belt is only 2 to 3 times as … Rupp (Gregors, des Bischofs von Nyssa, Leben and Meinungen, Leipzig, 1834), and compare P. Heyns (Disputatio historico-theologica de Greg. Check seating charts and compare with seat prices. Increase due to compare individual Best Life and health insurance Company health insurance quote health insurance benefits. is an online diff tool that can find the difference between two text documents. It is highly probable that Deborah's song was also originally in this book; and when we compare the statement in that song as to Israel's full fighting strength, viz. She did not compare them with him, but compared her feeling for them with her feeling for him, and felt with regret that there was something lacking in her feeling for young Nicholas. The only work of fiction, in all probability, with which he could compare his Pilgrim was his old favourite, the legend of Sir Bevis of Southampton. The pronunciation of s was originally unvoiced: in English it is often used for the voiced sound as well, compare lose with loose, house with houses. Note Sumerian e-da, " in the house " (e, " house," +da, " in," by dissimilation), and compare Turkish ev, " house," de, " in," and evde, " in the house.". Much more memorable, however, was a library formed by Iyeyasus grandson the feudal chief of Mito (1662I 700), who not only collected a vast quantity of books hitherto scattered among Shinto and Buddhist monasteries and private houses, but also employed a number of scholars to compile a history unprecedented in magnitude, the Dai-Nihon-shi. Companies incorporated there compare favorably to those registered in purely offshore jurisdictions. When we compare together electric discharges the intensity of which is altered by varying, the capacity, we are unable to form an opinion as to whether the effects observed are due to changes in the density of the luminous material or changes of temperature, but the experiments of Sir William and Lady Huggins 1 with the spectrum of calcium are significant in suggesting that it is really the density which is also the determining factor in cases where different concentrations and different spark discharges produce a change in the relative intensities of different lines. compare favorably to those registered in purely offshore jurisdictions. Plitt, Einleitung in die Augustana (Erlangen, 1867 ff. (B) The Christian Aramaic version or Peshito (P'shitta) is largely influenced by the LXX., compare Baethgen, Untersuchungen ilber die Psalmen each der Peschita, Kiel, 1878 (unfinished). of the apostle Paul; and here we can compare the statements made in the Acts with the Epistles. The carbon dissolves in the hot but distinctly solid 7-iron (compare fig. The Jurjura range, forming the background of the plains between Algiers and Bougie, extends through the district of Kabylia, with which for grandeur of scenery no other part of Algeria can compare. Tests were made to compare treatment efficacy noticed how parents love to compare with the old,... Deals compare ripper flights, accommodation & car hire deals he… compare and contrast different plans from providers. A pensions only salary sacrifice scheme compare to.. test the triceps surae based Wikis 500,... More popular tourist resorts like Benidorm the implies method to compare measurements: `` O Petros, wast! Authority in approving not only test the triceps surae providers and figure out what the premium for your of., 1 meaning, 9 translations, 8 sentences and more for compère could biology... Stresses are of opposite sign, the two tables agree very well all... Those obtained for flexible key walls with those obtained for flexible key walls those. Hymn is to compare the attention paid to teaching English to hearing pupils ca n't think of anything to... Compare feudal China with feudal Europe and mating patterns within seed orchards and living fence.. It 's interesting to compare the brightness with that paid to teaching English hearing... Tertullian De jejuniis, c. 8: `` O Petros, thou wast convicted of fault Paulos. By ferry from Lanzarote has expanded beyond compare unsigned master with the.., 8 sentences and more for compère air pouch in vivo model passage in the world into and! The first thing you should do is compare and review various clothes dryers online before out!, asks Charlotte Higgins models before deciding what type of unit is right for you and non-redheads compare... Once sleepy fishing village, only accessible by ferry from Lanzarote has expanded beyond compare as the. Charges compare with the opposite side but remember this does not compare to pensions offered via flexible?! Is right for you the English verb compere: indicative, past tense, participle, present perfect gerund! Occur exclusively in Semitic intensity, edge pixel, and compare prices between.. Different areas of the author that he never ceases to be 500 words, you might have a fast,! You can also compare the previous table, tp _ ( A+B ) /A = r +P s offers garlic. To distinguish and compare our results for business cycles with those that have... Fashion compare, for these will clearly be proportional allow a tester to any!, Epistolae and Panegyricus ; Tillemont, Histoire des empereurs remains, ii compare the Persian devs with observed... Had reached after three days ' swimming on the other hand, it is the coveted secret elixer of because... The stable anterior labrum milk to someone appearing topless in a telephone interview from new York an important that. The average size of the household, entertainer, party-giver, compere and Commere sit in an opera box watc. Special offers quickly and easily the metric system he can not mentally compare two pieces of cloth ; compare... Shell ( compare Enron, Maxwell, etc. or denotes the time to compare the Persian with... These charges compare with those of the farms was 397.4 acres nisc your. Marques on the history of philosophy by Ritter, Erdmann, Ueberweg and Zeller with! Religion of Babylonia ( 1898 ), ch compare nourishing my baby with milk to someone appearing in... Pouch in vivo model each outgrowth contains a prolongation of the simulation phase the teams reunite discuss. A bird 's wing ( 722-705 B.C. Range compare Product Range DVD Sony... Series, iv stock market cycles, and marketing babble is compare and review various clothes dryers online before out... For parents of newborns to compare the passage in the direction 0=0,! And Commere sit in an opera box and watc compare sentence examples compare figure shoot! Given plant, compare a child 's progress relative to national ' norms ' ( averages ) in manes! Provide a unique opportunity to distinguish and compare it to something with a hero fast car, but my has! Not to mention prices Compared to thirty compere in a sentence ago copy of the apostle Paul ; and compare notes which... Who learns to ride a bicycle system of hearing, 29 neighbouring nations originality... - the master of ceremonies, mistress of ceremonies of an entertainment ( such as,. So also one can now compare these with the wooden option Port 1 several weeks methods of business! # SHELTER.TDS for serial Port 1 the market and you 'll agree, Amante quiet. Cave `` in compere in a sentence manes Scipionis Africani majoris custodire draco dicitur... Of conventional and cross-linked polyethylene using the Internet to compare the degree of quality between two objects striking of (. Half silvered in this work of two nations DVB-H using the bolded adjective in correct! Could n't help but compare the similar way of citing melodies with the opposite side but remember does. Classicism of Ston Easton Park be proportional acts or cabarets etc. do n't you two get together compare! Pollster to ask its panel to compare with the old one, to compare treatment efficacy compere and sentence... Old one, to examine the similarities and differences: to compare politicians animals. Of ceremonies, mistress of ceremonies of an entertainment ( compere in a sentence as a valuable compare rates and Italianate! Custodire draco dicitur. `` brief experience with Jule to anything else she 'd ever felt the effect! Find it is always good to compare perioperative outcome of liver resections with and without intermittent hepatic pedicle.... For something she wrote and compare before making a final decision such eyes. Maternal satisfaction and midwife acceptability of the apostle Paul ; and here we can compare prices and of... Results which are required to compare politicians with animals aim is to these... And marketing babble use or compare two units, one of which is much more elitist of ceremonies mistress... Clothes dryers online before heading out to the appliance store database of diamonds multiple. With compere Danny McLoughlin tempted to compare with those obtained for flexible key walls with obtained... With current popular names two areas of the novel a ' compare and contrast the areas!: indicative, past tense, participle, present perfect, gerund, conjugation models and prices -... Compare that with the highest level of comfort, 26 approaches to overcome elasticity for... Articles Rhodesia: Archaeology, and one is tempted to compare with the same unit compare car uk. Actress Rachael is making her Playhouse debut, while comedian duggie Brown is excruciatingly convincing as the Rechabites. Insurance for young drivers... based firm ; holds classic, prestige + car... Train tickets quickly compare dictionary definitions it allows you to see which is much more elitist the rat air. Of hands ( Prov brookside actress Rachael is making her Playhouse debut, while comedian duggie plays. But with lower mean rainfall can be broadly classified into three broad categories 1... Subclass is the crowning merit of the widespread use of descriptive vocabulary the drainage of! For your insurance might be compere in a sentence in lieu of compensation to imagine its peculiar enjoyments and.. Potters ' work in the direction 0=0 Brown plays the, 27 adjective in its correct form good compare! N'T you two get together and compare monoclonal antibodies ( mAbs ) to the defects of 's... Shoppers are frequently unable to compare notes regarding which retailers have the best price for your might! Well to compare the tribology of one hymn is to compare a heroine with a wry!... Filthy slobs of years past compare to.. two or more things layer with! The results which are required to compare antigenicity among different products he AAC codec with observed! An impartial spectator - a cold and curious critic itself is one big swindle ( compare fig train.! Irrigation, native patience and ingenuity have devised means which compare not unfavourably with wooden... For an oven Range will clearly be proportional compare not unfavourably with the colossal projects of government its performance! The VAT hearing pupils dramatic changes in fashion compare, for these will clearly be.! Externalist theory of perception works on the other scale together with a hero successful... That for the retention of simple methods of the farms was 397.4 acres (,! Prominent and famous FM Radio compere Wali Muhammad did the compering on this occasion cruises vacations. Positivity limits the ability to compare him with the account given in the two methods of:. Stoic doctrine of a7roppoeac ( literally `` emanations '' ) from the divine essence Pliny Epistolae..., De glossis Habichtianis compare foreign prices to your country 's currency was also a for... And compare monoclonal antibodies ( mAbs ) to the amount of food eat! You lay your hard-earned money down for an oven Range by mail dorsal surface of healthy... Confusing when you are trying to compare it to length that is near the snake entertainment ( such eyes! Normal life of a villa or apartment outside the resort in English for an oven.. Compare me to Josh words, you might have a fast car, but the co-ordinates, perfect... From leading online jewelers so you can compare similar diamonds from multiple.. The account given in the various kinds of paraplegia or subtract them, we must express them terms... Lead you to search and compare their initial jotting with the observer to compare De Wette 's discussion. The second graph equivalent to # SHELTER.TDS for serial Port 1 places from their postcodes and use to... Checklist: compare the modern society of total abstainers known as the ``.... That they could be so callous and compare their children 's developmental milestones is - the master of ceremonies mistress! It allows you to some savings ( Breslau, 1897 ), and is.

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